Different types of non–woven bags

D-cut non woven bags

These are the most common non woven bag types that have gained popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. These bags are designed with a D-shaped cut-out at the top, which serves as a handle. The soft handle makes it easy to carry items, and the bag is less likely to tear or rip, making it a reliable option for carrying groceries or other items. D-cut non woven bags are durable and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. Moreover, they come in various colours and sizes to meet different preferences and needs.

W-cut or U-cut non woven bags

These are reusable bags made from non woven fabric. The bags are named after the W or U-shaped cut-out at the top that functions as a handle. The W or U-cut design makes it easy to carry the bag, similar to plastic bags found in grocery stores. W-cut bags are available in different sizes and colours to meet various needs and preferences.

Loop handle non woven bags

Handle bagsare a multipurpose and practical option, which is trendy and environmentally friendly. These bags come with an expandable base gusset and loop handles, making them ideal for various purposes. The expandable base gusset increases the bag’s size when filled with items, providing extra space and sturdiness. Therefore, these bags are perfect for carrying bulkier and weightier items such as groceries or books. Moreover, it helps to distribute the weight evenly, reducing the risk of damage. The loop handles on both sides are comfortable to hold and allow convenient storage when not in use. They are also made of the same non woven fabric as the bag, making them durable and robust.

Benefits of non–woven bags

The benefits of non–woven bags are given below


Non woven bags are a sustainable and reusable option for plastic shopping bags. They are sturdy and can be personalized for advertising purposes and a company’s branding. Recycling non woven bags can decrease microplastic pollution in oceans, making new bags even more eco-friendly. Non woven bags are available in multiple hues and patterns, are featherweight, and last longer than plastic bags. They are also effortless to carry, making them an excellent alternative for individuals who care for the environment.


Non woven bags are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious people. These bags can be reused multiple times and are perfect for branding purposes. Customizable and decomposing within six months, non woven bags are ideal for businesses and individuals who care about the environment. Furthermore, their vibrant colours make them a great choice for promotional events and outdoor activities.


Non woven bags are a sturdy and long-lasting solution for carrying heavy items such as groceries. They are made efficiently and cost-effectively through ultrasonic heat sealing. Furthermore, these bags are eco-friendly as they are made of bonded long and short fibers that can be recycled and reused multiple times without tearing easily. Their lightweight and air-permeable properties also make them suitable for packaging fresh produce.


Non woven bags are a practical and sustainable substitute for disposable plastic bags. They are simple to clean and can be utilized multiple times, which saves money and minimizes waste. These bags are also free of toxic substances and odorless, making them an ideal choice for individuals who want to reduce their ecological footprint. Furthermore, non woven bags are frequently sold in large quantities and can be personalized with your logo, making them a fantastic marketing tool for companies that want to showcase their environmentally friendly ethos.


Non woven bags possess the unique property of being liquid repellent, which proves to be extremely useful in preventing spills and leaks that can damage the bag and the items inside. These bags are ideal for carrying wet or damp items like fresh produce or frozen food.

Uses of Non–Woven Bags

Eco-Friendly Substitutes in Supermarkets

Super markets offer non–woven reusable bags as an eco-friendly substitute for conventional plastic bags to transport groceries.

For Convenient Grocery Transportation

Grocery stores commonly use non woven bags to transport household goods, including fruits and vegetables.

For Convenient Shopping At Department Stores

Departmental stores often use non woven bags for customers’ purchases, such as clothing, shoes, and other items.

For Promotional Events

Non woven bags are an excellent option for promotional events as they can be personalized with logos or slogans. These bags are perfect for events like trade shows, conferences, and fairs.

For Convenient Shopping At Retail Outlets

Retail outlets often utilize non woven bags for carrying several items, including cosmetics, toys, and gifts. These bags can be tailored to suit the store’s branding requirements while offering an environmentally friendly option for customers.


Non woven bags offer a convenient storage option that can be personalized during manufacturing to meet the specific needs of customers. Additionally, these bags have customizable handles that add visual appeal and make them stand out. Moreover, non-woven bags are sturdy and durable, with superior quality materials that can withstand heavy weights and wear and tear. They are also water-resistant, making them suitable for use in all weather conditions.

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