Non-Woven Bags

Non-Woven bags can be made in any size and color you want. It is durable and long lasting.

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Different Fabric Colors
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Tela Bez Çanta

Special Design for You

We produce completely special bags for you in different sizes, with different handle options and with your logo.

Nature Friendly

Non-woven bags are recyclable. It is not harmful to the environment. It can be washed 15 times.

Colour Options

We design it as you wish, with fabric colors suitable for your company's corporate colors.

Quality and Economical

Non-woven bags are not like a brochure. Your customers will use the bag for 1 year or even longer.

Non Woven Fabric

Cloth bags made with non-woven fabric are very durable with seamless ultrasonic bonding.

Fast Production

We carry out fast production with our daily production capacity of 100 thousand bags.

Our Non-Woven Bags

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Handle Non-Woven Bag


D-Cut Non-Woven Bag


T-Shirt Cut Non-Woven Bag


Shirred Pouch with Rope


Question Answer

You can share your questions about non-woven bags with us.

Why non-woven Bag?

Non-woven bags are produced from polypropylene, flexible non-woven, environmentally friendly fabrics.

Is it in European Standards?

Our bags are exported to European countries without any problems and comply with European Union rules.

Why Environmentally Friendly?

Recyclable materials are used in non-woven production. This makes it environmentally friendly.

What are its advantages?

By its nature, you produce high quality at economical prices. It ensures your promotion for a long time.

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